Can I Take PGX Daily While on Sacred Heart Soup Diet?

PGX Daily claims it’ll balance your blood sugar, reduce cravings, and fill you up so you will eat less. Is it a good complement to the Sacred Heart Diet? Could be. On the Sacred Heart Diet you can eat as much as you want as long as you follow the diet’s menu for each day. Some would say that PGX Daily could help you deal with cravings that you’d normally have if avoiding sugar, etc. Others might suggest that you start PGX Daily as soon as you’re done the Sacred Heart soup diet so that you are sure to eat enough of the food on the catablic diet and can also eat a healthier menu and build on the weight loss from your 7 day diet via using it to curb your appetite.

If you’ve tried taking PGX Daily along side the Sacred Heart or Cabbage Soup Diet, please share your results!


Ideas on How to Get More Vegetables in your Diet

Eat More Veggies

Are you one of the many people who only get about two servings of vegetables a day when you should be really getting five to seven? It can be frustrating to incorporate that many servings when reaching for something processed is so much easier. While it may take some planning, boosting your veggie intake will reap great rewards such as weight loss, improved artery and heart health and increased energy.

Veggies – It’s in the Bag

Take advantage of those pre-washed bagged salads, spinach and other veggies you can find in the produce section of your local grocery store. Cleaning and prepping the vegetables can take time and if you are tired at the end of the day, you are not going to bother. Fresh, pre-packaged produce is easy, fast and contains no harmful additives.

Salad as the Main Meal

Consider making a large salad for your main meal instead of as a side dish. Bypass blah iceberg lettuce and try different types of salad greens. Consider offbeat options like endive, Swiss chard, mesclun, watercress and even purple cabbage. Don’t forget other vegetables for your salad; anything with a satisfying taste and crunchy texture would work. And remember, the more colourful it is, the more nutritious it is. A large salad could easily count for two or three servings of vegetables alone!

Other Vegetable Ideas for your Diet Plan

Get in the habit of offering raw vegetables at the dining table, regardless of the meal you are serving. Baby carrots, cherry or grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas are great finger foods. Cucumber slices, celery sticks, green onion stalks, colourful pepper strips, small bunches of broccoli and cauliflower and even squash and zucchini slices are tasty as well. Purchase or prepare a healthy, low calorie dip such as hummus or a Greek yogurt-based option to encourage more veggie consumption. Consider a veggie tray at night for snacking in front of the tv instead of potato chips!

Sneaking vegetables in other dishes is an alternative. You can finely chop or puree your favourites and blend them into spaghetti sauce or meatloaf. You can also sauté and incorporate them into omelettes or sandwich wraps too. Bypassing meat-laden pizzas in favour of veggie varieties is another tasty choice. Getting more vegetables into your diet plan isn’t hard but you do have to be creative!

A great way to benefit from veggies is the Sacred Heart Soup Diet. If you want to learn more about it, you’ll find plenty of info here. Start here:  Day 1 of Sacred Heart Soup Diet or Sacred Heart Hub – Summary of the 7 Day Detox Diet

Simplify veggie prep with a mandolin vegetable slicer:
Mandolin Veggie Slicers


Detoxifying Epsom Salts Bath During Your Sacred Heart Diet Cleanse

Are you doing the sacred heart diet? Here’s another tip for you with respect to the detoxification benefits:

An epsom salts bath isn’t a Sacred Heart cleansing bath but could be a great way to accelerate the detox benefits. Unless you have health problems that mean you should avoid epsom salts, have a soak with epsom salts 2-3 times spread out during your Sacred Heart cleanse week, take a bath with Espom salts. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate and sprinkling 2 cups into a warm bath of water and then soaking for 15 minutes could do wonders for you. This could relax you, help you detoxify by drawing impurities out of your body, and infuse your body with much-needed magnesium. Magnesium has a plethora of health benefits and it’s best absorbed through your largest organ — your skin.

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